Icknield Lodge Banner

The Lodsge Banner, shown here, depicts a Roman Centurian standing in from of a Fort, ostensibly on the famous Roman road that runs past Letchworth. The Icknield Way. It is from this that the Lodge takes it's name.

The Icknield Way is unique because it can claim to be the 'oldest road in Britain'. It consists of prehistoric pathways, ancient when the Romans came, and is dotted with archaeological remains. The road runs between Ivinghow Beacon and Knettishall Heath. It crosses the counties of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. It is 103 miles long.

The gold ribbons on the two columns are inscribed with the names of all of the Founding members of the Lodge. The shield above the soldier contains a representation of the emblem of Hertfordshire which is a Hart, or what is more commonly called a Stag today.

Past Masters JewelThe banner is displayed at the head of the Lodge, just to the right of the Master's chair, at each Lodge meeting.

After Installing his successor, each Master, having completed his year in office, is presented with a Past Masters Jewel which also has a picture of the same Roman Centurian in its centre.

A line drawing of the soldier also forms the central part of the Icknield Lodge logo as shown at the top of the page