Lodge Meeting 10/11/2017 TBA Meeting
Lodge Meeting 12/01/2018 TBA Meeting
Lodge Meeting 09/02/2018 TBA Meeting
Lodge Meeting 09/03/2018 Installation Meeting
LOI Ceases 11/03/2018 LOI
LOI Resumes 02/09/2018 LOI
Lodge Meeting 12/10/2018 TBA Meeting
Lodge Meeting 09/11/2018 TBA Meeting

The menu for the meeting on 10/11/17 is as follows:
Cream of Tomato , Chicken and Ham Pie , Apple Crumble , Cheese and Biscuits , 5:00 , 0 , 0 , n/a
Please email the Secretary to request an alteration before the 03/11/17

If you are a Mason and wish to attend one of our meetings, please email the Secretary .
You may be asked to give the necessary qualifications prior to admittance.