Icknield Lodge No 4670
The Cloisters, Barrington Rd, Letchworth
Consecrated on 18th February 1925

2nd Friday October to March (I) ex. December

Officers of the Lodge

WM  D. J. Sinclair TRE  J. Negus CS  C. G. Nott ADC  A. J. G. Nott
SW  J. F. Wright SEC  J. L. Harcourt MEN  M. Bage ORG  C. F. Worrell
JW  M. J. Castleton DC  L. A. Mousley SD  K. C. Bewley IG  D. D. Styles
CH  C. G. Nott AL  A. J. G. Nott JD  R. J. Bethell TY  A. Dyer
D. E. Beets   R. S. Whybrow   G. M. Franks  

Subscribing Past Masters

2018  D. J. Sinclair 2013  K. C. Bewley 2007  A. Matthews † 1996  A. J. G. Nott †
2017  G. P. Wright 2012  K. C. Bewley 2006  J. L. Harcourt † 1982  C. G. Nott †
2016  G. P. Wright 2010  R. J. Bethell † 2001  J. B. Hetherington † 1981  A. J. G. Nott †
2015  J. F. Wright † 2009  J. F. Wright † 1999  J. L. Harcourt † 1973  A. Matthews †
2014  R. J. Bethell † 2008  M. Bage † 1998  L. A. Mousley †  J. Negus †
Secretary 130 Ivel Road Shefford SG17 5UE 01462 811176 secretary@icknieldlodge.org.uk
Treasurer 35 Ferndale Much Hadham Herts SG10 6DW 01279 841210 treasurer@icknieldlodge.org.uk
Almoner 5 Stockbridge Road Clifton SG17 5HA 01462 812926 almoner@icknieldlodge.org.uk
Charity Steward 'Blandings' Letchworth Lane Letchworth G.C. SG6 3NH 01462 683025 charitysteward@icknieldlodge.org.uk